Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dubia Roaches: Best Food For Reptiles

Dubia Roach
Dubia roaches, also known as Blaptica dubia roaches, are becoming very popular in the reptile community as a healthy feeder for the pets. Dubia adults grow to the size of about 1 1/2 inches long and baby dubia nymphs are around 1/8 of an inch. So if you have a small reptile, you can feed it nymphs and if you have a larger reptile you can feed it adults. Dubias also have a very soft exoskeleton that is easy for reptiles to digest. They are also slow moving which is a plus if you have a lazy reptile.
Dubia Roach Breeding
Dubia roaches are extremely easy to breed which is another reason they are the best food for reptiles. You can tell the difference between the Dubia males and females very easy too, the males have the long wings on their backs and the females have little stubs for wings. The females will give birth about once a month to about 30 live dubia nymphs. If you keep the roaches in a plastic tub and provide them high protein roach food, water (In the form of water crystals), and keep there temperature between 85-95, They will breed like crazy and you will never have to buy live reptile food again. You will have a variety of sizes ranging from baby nymphs, sub adults, and adults.
Dubia Roach VS Crickets
Since crickets are used alot by reptile owners, I will explain the pros of each and you will see why the dubia roach is the best food for reptiles.

Dubia Roach
  • Higher meat to shell ratio than crickets do.
  • Slow moving, so if you drop one, you dont have to worry about it getting away.
  • Can't climb
  • Can't fly (The males can only flutter, but not very far)
  • Don't smell
  • Don't make noise
  • Live for about 18 months
  • Breed extremely easy
  • Females give live birth
  • Don't bite
  • Are widely available
  • Cheaper prices
  • Survive lower temperatures

Moisture %
Protein %
Fat %
Ash %
Dubia Roach
61 %
36 %
7 %
2 %
Trukistan Roach
64 %
37 %
5.5 %
2 %
59 %
10 %
13 %
1 %
76 %
64 %
10 %
7.5 %
17 %
59 %
20 %
16 %
1 %
61 %
16 %
11 %
1 %

 This chart is brought to you by Feeders Inc.

This should help some of you reptile owners choose a great food for your pet. Keep in mind, it is going to be a little expensive to get a dubia roach colony started, but once it is started it will save you alot of money in the long run.

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