Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dubia Roach Chow

Dubia Roaches need a high protein food provided to them at all times.  There are two things you can do, Buy a Dubia roach chow online or make your own.

If you want to buy online then just google for dubia roach chow and order it.  The roach guy offers a great roach chow.

If your going to make your own then here is how you can do it.  A lot of people use dog food as a high protein mix for their dubia roaches mixed with oatmeal, wheat, or oats.  And make sure you provide fresh fruit and vegetables every couple of days.  You can also use cat food or even ferrett food as a protein source.  Also, here are some more things you can use to mix with your protein source; Cereal, fish food, grape nut flakes, powdered milk, organic oats, and oatmeal.  Throw what you have decided to use into a coffee grinder or another grinder and feed it to your dubia roach colony.  Now remember again to throw in fresh fruit and vegetables every couple of days or so into your dubia roach colony.


  1. Hi, how are you offering the food to the roaches? Do you just throw food in there, or do you use some sort of tray? I've just strated a colony in a 10 gallon and it's hard to fit food dishes in there, plus I don't get how often I want to change out the food.

  2. Hello Stobux,
    Well in a 10 gallon, I would just put the food in a corner. Later on when you have a bigger container, you can use food holders, but you have to make sure the roaches can climb in. You should rarely have to change out the food, as the roaches will devour anything lol. But I do have to add food every few days because they go through it so fast. As long as the food does not get wet, It will not go bad.

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